Founded in 2014 by Diana and Sheldon Kawarsky, The Soft Skills Group (TSSG) offers dynamic training and learning solutions to private and public corporations, government organizations, and educational institutions.

TSSG collaborates with a growing number of training & development professionals and organizations to offer interactive workshops in verbal, writing, professional development, team development, and management skills based on the HIF principle (Hindsight, Insight, Foresight), a 360-degree approach to help clients succeed in challenging and changing environments.

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The HIF Principle


Hindsight – the context in which the learning is situated. A pre-learning analysis of the potential learner’s organizational opportunities and decision-maker input.

Insight – the experience and success-rich partnerships we create to contextualize your learning. It provides a place for our soft skills techniques to work in partnership with your learners and all decision-makers.

Foresight – the commitment to your enhanced soft skills being applied, tried and lived on-the-job. It closes the HIF Principle loop by making certain that learning goals are inline with the interactive learning experience of Insight and then finally concretized.

Our Competitive Advantage


Our ability to develop dynamic solutions to address our client’s needs.
We are committed to seeing our clients succeed in their challenging and changing environments.