Hiring employees with incredible soft skills that include the ability to communicate and make interpersonal connections is an integral contributor to the success of every business. Building and finessing your soft skills over time is the best way to take your career to new heights. Technical skills and field experience are important but working on certain professional qualities is the key to putting you on track to meeting and exceeding your career goals.

Online soft skills training in Canada and the USA is a way to lay the foundation for developing leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills critical to career and business growth. Find out how The Soft Skills Group can help you set yourself and your business up for success.

About Our Online Soft Skills Training in Canada and the USA

The Soft Skills Group team has developed an in-depth virtual soft skills training and learning workshop that empowers and teaches participants how to navigate challenging and complex workplace situations or environments professionally. We’ll give you the professional tools and resources you need to meet common and uncommon workplace challenges through the art of creative and critical thinking.

Our online professional soft skills training workshops feature a wide range of custom-tailored exercises and programs that: emphasize effective teambuilding techniques, develop excellent personal skills, fine-tune your management style, and utilize verbal and written communication skills.

Online Soft Skills Training and Learning Workshops We Offer

Online Verbal Communication Skills

Good verbal communication skills are extremely useful in job settings that require presentations, public speaking, conducting meetings, or any other form of performative actions. We can help you refine your public speaking abilities to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.

Online Written Communication Skills

Written communication skills are often the first impression many hiring managers, employers, and colleagues have of you. From writing enticing CVs and online content to crafting professional emails, reports, and documents, our virtual soft skills training workshops educate you on effectively conveying your message in every format.

Online Management Skills Training

Everyone has a unique management style. It’s just a matter of identifying your specific leadership strengths and playing them up as much as possible to help you lead with confidence and motivate your team.

Online Personal Development Skills Training

Personal skills refer to a plethora of capabilities that you can use to define and cultivate your career goals. Our expert online personal development skills training helps you tap into your natural strengths such as time management and problem-solving while also cultivating new professional skills.

Online Team Management Skills

Strong leadership entails excellent attention to detail and the ability to listen and harness excellent team management skills. A good leader is one who never stops learning and dedicates themselves to employing effective conflict resolution techniques and building a solid rapport with their subordinates.

Benefits of TSSG Workshops

  • Build the confidence you need to supercharge your business and career
  • Learn how to earn the trust and respect of employees and colleagues
  • Cultivate your career goals
  • Learn important networking skills
  • Improve verbal and written communication skills

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The Soft Skills Group works with businesses of all sizes to provide their clients with the tools, resources, and techniques necessary to facilitate a successful and positive work culture. Our online workshops are designed to accommodate anywhere between 5 to 25 people. Contact us today to learn more.

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