From assertiveness to problem-solving to meeting and time management, discover
your natural strengths and capabilities and develop valuable skills.

Time Management

So many of us spend our day running around but accomplish very little because we are not focused on the right things.  We spend so much time on an unproductive activity that our quality of work or the results we produce often suffer. We constantly beat ourselves up because for some reason we can’t seem to manage our time when in reality, we need to be managing the events in our life that use our time.

Time Management is a process of “self-management” or focus management on the things that are important as we strive toward the accomplishment of our goals. Time Management is a discipline. It is the ability to manage the self; it is not about managing time.

This workshop will help you recognize what is important/not important as it relates to your overall goal and/or project.  Learn how to manage time wasters, which clog up our schedules and inhibit our progress.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • control distractions and interruptions which waste your time and break your flow
  • increase your effectiveness (avoid procrastination) and reduce stress
  • determine which things are most important, and which tasks you can “drop”
  • unlock time that is currently undervalued and apply it to your successes
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Assertiveness & Confidence

The assertive skills you have must evolve to keep pace with the new millennium. What are the assertive interaction tools and strategies you can utilize to communicate with impact? How can you better influence your colleagues and management?

Yesterday’s methods of self-assertion are not necessarily effective in today’s fast-paced world.  This is the workshop to take for your work environment to foster open lines of communication and improve overall communication.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • demonstrate effective listening to ensure you are fully engaged
  • assess your comfort levels with assertion and how to manage your discomfort
  • use self-assertion techniques that soothe the speaker and convince the listener
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Negotiating Skills

Improve your skills for negotiating with individuals and groups. How do you gain commitment for your ideas?  How do you work collaboratively to achieve win/win situations?

Learn and practice techniques to assist negotiations through different stages to a mutually successful conclusion.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • organize your thoughts into clear business-appropriate plans for discussion
  • navigate in critical conversations where every word counts
  • create your own interpersonal style guide to use as a communications cheat sheet
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Decision Making

Advance your knowledge of the processes of making a decision. What strategies are available? Move forward to new skill sets in discriminating decision-making situations. Learn to develop a timely decision-making model for yourself. Learn about decision-making styles used by decision-makers in your organization.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to create a decision making-matrix of your values
  • how to design your decision-making process so you can clearly articulate your preferences to others
  • how your decision-making style influences the quality and quantity of your work
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Improv For Work

This workshop focuses on the skills needed to be highly effective in organizations through confidence-building improvisational techniques. It is designed to encourage risk-taking and to build on the ideas of others in a collaborative creative problem-solving effort. Participants learn how to better handle stressful situations, overcome shyness, handle awkward moments, and communicate more powerfully.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • advance your interpersonal skills to build rapport and hear your clients, colleagues and management
  • develop adaptability to respond spontaneously; sharing expert knowledge
  • apply powerful communication techniques to recognize diversity and create inclusiveness
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