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  • April 26, 2023
  • Diana Kawarsky, MA, CCP

The Power of Active Listening: How Soft Skills Training Can Improve Communication

Communication is critical for success in the workplace. Whether between an employee and their team or with external stakeholders, having clear conversations and ensuring everyone’s needs have been met is essential for maintaining a healthy organization. This article will explore how soft skills like active listening can help improve internal and external communication efforts—ultimately leading […]

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  • April 3, 2023
  • Diana Kawarsky, MA, CCP

What Are the Most Effective Employee Communication Strategies?

The world has changed drastically since the pandemic began. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to survive and thrive in this new environment. One of the critical areas of focus has been employee communication. With remote working becoming more common, companies must ensure that their employees feel connected with the company. This connectivity means creating […]

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