From Classroom to Boardroom:
Learn the Soft Skills Critical for Career Success

Just graduated post-secondary school and entering the workforce? Are you looking for a co-op placement or an internship? Learn the essential soft skills not taught in school with Backpack to Briefcase. We’ve partnered with TalentEgg to develop a 5-course program that will give you the foundational set of soft skills you need to succeed in your internship, co-op, or first job after graduation. You have the degree, now get the skills to show your new professional colleagues that you belong.

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Backpack to Briefcase: Introduction to Workplace Soft Skills

Whether you are a student preparing for an internship or work placement or a recent graduate transitioning from post-secondary to career, learn the practical tools and strategies needed to thrive in the workplace environment and build strong working relationships.

Get the tools and strategies to communicate with your work colleagues to successfully convey your plans and ideas in the work environment.


Learn how to build networks and long-lasting professional relationships to help you succeed both in the day-to-day work environment and in your long-term career.

Career Identity

Create an effective career brand and discover how to make lasting positive impressions that will be compounded throughout your professional career using presentation and speaking skills.


Professional life has its ups and downs. You’ll learn the skills to deal with change and challenges, along with how to increase your self-awareness, manage change, foster resiliency, and set goals and priorities.

Succeeding Virtually

The virtual workplace is becoming more commonplace and we have to adapt to the new reality. We’ll show you how to master both the virtual and hybrid office, including how to run successful online meetings, to help you succeed in any environment.

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Why The Soft Skills Group for Students and Post-Secondary Graduates?

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We pride ourselves on our ability to develop dynamic solutions to address our client’s needs. We are committed to seeing our clients succeed in their challenging and changing environments. The Soft Skills Group trainers have the expertise and the experience to bring corporate best practices to clients.

With over 80 corporate clients in many industries, we are the premier source for developing dynamic solutions to help students and professionals get the soft skills they need to achieve success in the professional world.

The Soft Skills Group has worked with organizations within education, finance, law, nuclear energy, various public service organizations, and in both profit and not-for-profit fields.



Soft Skills Training for Students and Post-Secondary Graduates