The Soft Skills Group, established in 2014, offers dynamic training and learning solutions to private and public corporations, government organizations, and educational institutions. We offer both in-person and virtual communication training options with our skilled team of instructors delivering practical, engaging, and inspiring workshops.

While every workshop is customizable to the client’s needs, the length of the workshop
can determine how many case studies, group exercises and individual exercises each participant is exposed to.

Verbal Skills

From professional presentations and business storytelling to impactful and persuasive public speaking, explore ways to engage and communicate with clarity and conviction.

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Writing Skills

Whether you’re writing reports, technical documents, web content or emails, learn how to produce effective professional writing that delivers your message.

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Management Skills

Master leadership and supervisory skills and principles to build rapport, achieve trust, manage conflict, motivate with conviction and lead with confidence.

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Personal Skills

From assertiveness and problem solving to meeting and time management, discover your natural strengths and capabilities and develop valuable new skills.

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Team Skills

Learn how to develop high-impact teams, change management strategies, deal with conflict, encourage team play and better service your clients.

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Case Studies

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Group Exercise

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Individual Exercise

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The HIF Principle


Hindsight – the first aspect of the HIF approach is where we situate the learning into the proper context. We conduct a pre-learning analysis of the potential learner’s organizational opportunities as well as decision-maker input.

Insight – the second aspect of the HIF approach explores the experience and success-rich partnerships we create to contextualize your learning. It provides a place for our soft skills techniques to collaborate with your learners and all decision-makers. This aspect maximizes your return on investment by emphasizing best practices, techniques, and strategies that make soft skills reality-based, not just theory.

Foresight – the third aspect of the HIF approach requires a commitment to your enhanced soft skills being applied, tried, and lived on the job. It closes the HIF Principle loop by ensuring that learning goals align with the interactive learning experience of Insight and then finally concretized. This aspect ensures that decision-makers see the value in how the newly equipped soft skills learners perform with confidence and mastery.

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